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Codewear Clothing is officially back!

About Us

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Codewear was founded in 2003 by Lonnie Reams out of San Diego, California.

After successfully growing the brand for years, Lonnie reached out to his friend and previous Codewear Girl, Erika Belvin, to take over the company.

Codewear is a brand that allows customers to rep their home, their zip code, or just cool places they’ve visited.

After taking this really cool brand over, we wanted to keep the branding the same, but grow it nation wide.

With our background in online and content marketing, we plan on making sure that EVERYONE knows about Codewear, how it got it’s start, and how they can too, rep their code.

None of this would be possible without Lonnie, his vision for Codewear, and everyone who has supported the brand along the way.

We are truly blessed to be building such an awesome company and can’t wait to get you rocking Codewear today!


Nationwide Shipping

All orders can be shipped to any of the 50 states.



We will make sure your questions and requests are responded to in a timely, professional manner.


Secure Payment

Your payment info is encrypted in the transmission to protect you and ensure that no data flows in the clear via the internet.


Premium Quality

All of our shirts are premium material, and printed direct to garment.


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